In addition to writing cookbooks, Daytona is a nationally-published writer, photographer, and recipe developer. Her recipes and articles on topics ranging from Nordic cuisine to parenting have appeared in a number of print and online publications in North America and Norway. She is available for writing projects and interviews about Scandinavian food or culture. Contact her at outsideoslo (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Here’s just a sample of places Daytona’s work has appeared or been featured in:

Here’s Why Kransekake, the Stunning Scandinavian Dessert, Wins at Christmas (featured)

In the absence of the traditional Syttende Mai parade, Daytona Strong’s new ‘Modern Scandinavian Baking’ celebrates heritage, memories and love
The Seattle Times (featured)

Gather your household for an age-old Norwegian tradition this holiday season: making lefse
The Seattle Times (featured)

Norwegian Christmas Cookies: a tradition of butter, time, and love
Edible Seattle

The Significance of Raspberries: Putting Washington on the map with each berry of summer
Edible Seattle

Nordic in the Northwest
The Oregonian

Beyond the Bun: A Camper’s Guide to Outdoor Cuisine
Costco Connection

Creating the Family Cookbook: How to Preserve Your Family’s History–One Recipe at a Time
Costco Connection

Ballard’s Daytona Strong creates Scandinavian Affinity Group for locals who miss gathering
Westside Seattle (featured)

Fyrstekake: A royal Norwegian Dessert
The Norwegian American (featured)

Modern Scandinavian Baking: Former Taste of Norway editor publishes her first cookbook
The Norwegian American (featured)

Parenting Baby with a Toddler in Tow

Lice and Beyond: How to Deal With Ewww-Worthy Childhood Ailments

Exhausted expectations: Fatigue and depleted energy
Pregnancy & Newborn (page 34)

Help Yourself: Take Care of You, Take Care of Baby!
Pregnancy & Newborn (page 84)

Freaking and Fretting: How to Deal with Anxiety in Young Kids

A Kitchen Tradition: Syv Slags, or Seven Sorts of Christmas Cookies
Nordic Design Christmas Magazine (pages 73-76)

Taxing Toddler Tricks: Tantrums, Thumbs and More

Ignore this! Parenting Advice You Shouldn’t Take
ParentMap (and a variation for PEPS)

Quintessentially Norwegian Cheese Brunost
Our Amazing Norway

Chill out: Beat the heat with homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and the best smoothies on the block
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (page 40)

Preemies: Loving and Nurturing the Tiniest Tots
ParentMap’s BabyMap special edition

Swings, Snails and Sun: 10 Simple Delights of Backyard Fun
ParentMap’s SummerMap special edition

Nordic Ingredient Spotlight: Lingonberry
Our Amazing Norway

Learning from the best
News of Norway

Christmas vignette on The Scandinavian Hour radio show’s Christmas special
The Scandinavian Hour, KKNW 1150 (Seattle)

Amidst New Scandinavian Food Trends, Traditional Norwegian Fare Still Warms the Heart
The Oslo Eye

Double-duty dishes: Autumn soups to satisfy the whole family
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (page 36)

Craving conspiracy: Ten ways to work with your cravings—instead of against them—to give your baby the best start
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (page 36)

Taking the pulse of holiday shopping in Ballard

Syttende Mai: A local parade as old as our state

Phinney Ridge bucks condo trend
Ballard News-Tribune

A “Cherries” story from a reader (A guest post on Suzan Colón’s blog)

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