Modern Scandinavian Baking
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What a week it’s been. In all my years of dreaming of becoming an author, I never could have imagined that my first book would be released in the midst of a pandemic. That said, I’m hoping that Modern Scandinavian Baking will provide some comfort and delight in these uncertain and trying times.

Released on Tuesday, my new book is now in many homes across the country and beyond. I’ve been enjoying reading reviews and responses to the book and seeing the photos that some of you have been tagging with #modernscandinavianbaking on Instagram. Each time I see the book in your home–and you and your family baking the recipes–it fills me with such gratitude.

I wrote Modern Scandinavian Baking for you, as a way to help you share the warmth and hospitality of Scandinavian baking culture with the people in your life. As it turns out, we all need a little extra hygge right now as we’re quarantined or sheltering in place.

As I wrote in the first chapter of the book, hygge is

“about more than just cozy things. It’s an approach to life that involves slowing down and spending quality time with others. … the kitchen seems like a natural place to concoct such evocative and comforting feelings. After all, food is a way to nurture and nourish our loved ones with hospitality and open hearts.”

Currently, gathering looks much different in this season of quarantine and sheltering in place. But we can still share a virtual fika with those we can’t visit, and we can bake with the people in our homes.

And in the process, we might just be helping to create some sweet memories with those we care about. I’m trying to make this season full of warmth and of love for my family. While my own anxiety is on overdrive right now, I’m comforted by knowing that my kids are happy and secure, that my husband and I are doing our part to minimize their fear. When my children look back on this time in their lives, I want their memories to be laced with love.

Little did I know when I wrote the following paragraph in the book just how relevant and important this would be upon release:

“As a mother, I take pleasure in baking with my children, knowing that each time I fill the kitchen with the scent of cardamom and other warm spices, I’m creating the backdrop for memories that will linger with them for the rest of their lives, just like the memories that I collected in my youth.”

About this quarantine season, I want my kids to remember the treats we baked together, storytime snuggles, Mama watching them play a video game (that’s a love language in our home), virtual playdates with friends, parents doing their best to maintain a sense of peace and calm even in a challenging time, lots of arts and crafts. Honestly, they’ll also remember their mama messing up, getting overwhelmed, and struggling to keep the house in order, etc. (Let’s be real, here.) But I’m okay with that. They’re safe, they’re healthy, they know they are loved.

Whew. Now to stock up on some baking supplies so we can get to work nourishing our hearts this weekend.

If you’ve purchased a copy of Modern Scandinavian Baking, may I ask you to help me spread this form of Scandinavian hospitality as far as possible? Here are a few options:

  • Write a review on Amazon
  • Review the book on Goodreads
  • Post a photo of your book (or what you bake from it) to Instagram and tag me @daytonastrong and add the hashtags #modernscandinavianbaking and #daytonastrong
  • Share a photo or two on Facebook, tagging my author page
  • Share a virtual fika with a friend, complete with recipes from the book (may I suggest the Almond-Filled Cinnamon Bun Cake on page 48?)
  • And finally, if you love the book, please spread the word in your own communities

Tusen takk. Thank you so much!

(A special thanks to my husband for those beautiful celebratory flowers, and for my children for helping with the photographs!)

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  1. It’s not just the recipes, Daytona, it’s the stories, the insight and the inspiration that you shared among the recipes that make this book so very special. Thank you for creating something that will be cherished by many for many years to come.

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