Your Heartfelt Holiday Guided Journal

I invite you to sit with me for a while, heart to heart. This has been a challenging year, hasn’t it? No one has been immune to the uncertainty, heartache, and grief of the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, as we approach Christmas, many of those feelings are intensified by knowing that the holiday will look much different than Christmases past. However, I still believe that this can be a Christmas worth remembering–a heartfelt holiday–and I’d love for you to join me!

I’ve created a FREE guided journal that will help you to create a holiday that’s worth remembering, even if it looks much different than we would wish.

Click here to grab your FREE copy of Your Heartfelt Holiday: A Guided Journal for Creating a Christmas Worth Remembering, Especially During the 2020 Pandemic.

We’ll begin by recollecting traditions and details we enjoyed in the past. Savoring those memories, we’ll consider ways to celebrate Christmas in a way that’s meaningful to both ourselves and to our loved ones. And finally, at the end of this holiday season, we’l look back on the previous weeks and collect our memories as a record of a pandemic holiday that was hopefully if not perfect, at least beautiful in ways we hadn’t previously imagined.

Will you join me? Just click here or fill out the form below to grab your journal, then pour a cup of something warm and light a candle, if you’d like, as we work together to make this a heartfelt holiday.

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