Cardamom Ice Cream with Norwegian Chocolate Chunks

Cardamom Ice Cream with Norwegian Chocolate Chunks

One of the best parts of being a recipe developer is coming up with ideas for foods that I would enjoy eating–and then having an excuse to try making them. Thanks to the Norwegian American Weekly, for which I am a contributing editor, I have a batch of lusciously smooth cardamom ice cream with Norwegian chocolate chunks in my freezer right now. Scented with the warm, woodsy notes of cardamom and a hint of vanilla, the custard is deceptively rich despite its low milk-to-cream ratio. The recipe is for the paper’s Syttende Mai issue, which is out today. Ice cream and hot dogs are common fare for Norwegian Constitution Day, so my latest story in the paper features recipes for both. I hope you’ll check it out and give the Syttende Mai recipes a try! Click here to read “Feast for a fest: 17. mai treats: A gourmet twist on the traditional 17. mai fare from Outside Oslo.”

Pølse med lefse

2 thoughts on “My Syttende Mai Recipes in the Norwegian American Weekly”

  1. Hi there ! My Mum made “Norwegian Cream” I remember it as so light and delicious. Fortunately my brother had the recipe today to share with you!
    It has 5 eggs and gelatine & sugar as the main ingredients. Can send copy of original hand written recipe to you if wanted. , lily

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