Our Amazing Norway Brunost Article with Cover

Our Amazing Norway Brunost Article with Cover

One of my favorite things about being a food writer is sharing the ingredients, food ideas, and recipes I love with readers from all over. Growing up in a Norwegian-American family, I developed a taste for Norwegian goat cheese as a young child. Much different than the soft white goat cheese that’s more commonly known to Americans, the Norwegian variety–known as brunost, gjetost, or geitost, depending on region or the particular composition of the cheese–is mocha-colored and comes in a block that can be easily sliced, perfect for eating with a hearty bread or perhaps a traditional heart-shaped waffle.

I wrote an article for the latest issue of Our Amazing Norway that explains brunost and provides a number of ideas for how to serve it. Check out Our Amazing Norway’s website to find out how get a copy, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook!

Our Amazing Norway Brunost Article Spread

Images provided by and used with permission from Our Amazing Norway.

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