The Heart & Huset

Does this describe you?

  • Do you yearn to know more about the traditions of your heritage and how to incorporate them into your home?
  • Do you want to bake and cook more traditional Scandinavian foods for each season and holiday?
  • Are you stuck trying to figure out practical, accessible, and fun ways to share your heritage with your family and friends?
  • Do you wish you had the skills and resources to tell your family’s history (and your own story!)?
  • Would you like to go beyond the surface-level trends of hyggefika, and other Scandi ideals and learn to really incorporate them into your life?

Then you’ll want to hear this: My brand-new membership community, The Heart & Huset, is now officially open for founding members, for a few days only!

You know the value and importance of heritage and family, and I think this new membership community could be just the thing to take your love of all things Scandinavian to the next level.

Join me and the other members for a deep dive into the heart of our Scandinavian heritage and uncover ways to infuse your home and life with all the warmth and hospitality you associate with the best of it.

That’s right, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your roots while getting to know other like-minded people who also embrace Scandinavian heritage and traditions.

I’ve spent the past year envisioning how to help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your roots in a way that’s more personal, engaging, active, and intimate than a traditional blog, club, or forum is able to provide.

And now I am so excited to invite you to become a founding member of this intimate and engaging community designed to help you get the resources, recipes, and connections you need to live out your best Scandinavian-style life, no matter where you call home.

What you’ll get

  • Recipes and menus created and curated by a food writer and cookbook author with over 11 years of specializing in Scandinavian food
  • Video interviews with chefs, authors, and other experts about a variety of topics from food and handicrafts to genealogy and Scandinavian lifestyle
  • Scandi-centric book club where you’ll discuss a variety of genres and topics with your new friends and hear from authors and experts on what we’re reading
  • An invitation to our private monthly virtual “fika” in which we’ll get to know each other while discussing a monthly topic, hopefully with many members enjoying the month’s fika recipe (yep, I’ll be sharing a special recipe each month especially for this virtual live event!)
  • Access to our private online group
  • And much more

About founding membership

As a founding member, you’ll get in at the beginning of this exciting new community, and you’ll have the opportunity to shape the direction of the membership as I customize it to meet the needs of you and the other members. Of course, as new resource, the content library will grow over time, and I’ll be working to bring in guests and experts that you want to hear from and create resources that fit your needs and preferences. That’s why if you join this week, I’m extending a special “founding member” price to you of just $22 a month, which you’ll be grandfathered into for as long as you remain an active member. So, even when we eventually roll out the membership to the general public at a higher price, you’ll still have the founding member price for the life of your membership.

When we start

This special invitation for founding members is open only until Monday, March 29, at 9pm PST, so click here to learn more and sign up.

We officially get started next week, with an exciting launch week that features a whole bunch of recipes, a very special interview with a beloved Scandi author, a virtual member meet-and-greet, giveaways, and much more.

Remember, this is the one and only chance to become a founding member of this brand-new Scandinavian heritage & lifestyle community.

Enrollment closes Monday night, so sign up now.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in the membership!


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