Update on 7/1/20: Find an updated version of the recipe, without a paywall, here.


If you’ve ever eaten a slice of Kvæfjordkake, you probably know that the cake pretty much speaks for itself. With its layers of buttery cake, delicate meringue, silky vanilla cream, and chopped almonds, it’s rich yet light, each bite almost like a cloud. Commonly known as verdens beste kake, or world’s best cake, it’s been named Norway’s National Cake, and it has a worldwide following along with official ambassadors. I had the opportunity to interview the cake’s U.S. ambassador, Mari-Ann Kind Jackson, recently and am sharing the story in the latest issue of the Norwegian American Weekly. Kvæfjordkake is a popular cake to serve on Syttende Mai–Norwegian Constitution Day–and if you’re looking for something celebratory to serve on May 17, let me point you over to my article, which features the recipe Jackson provided me. Also be sure to sign up for my newsletter for monthly Scandinavian food inspiration!




Click here for the recipe in the Norwegian American Weekly

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6 thoughts on “Kvæfjordkake: Norway’s National Cake”

  1. Hello. I enjoy your blog.
    I have one comment on your Verdens Beste recipe. In North Norway, you often see the meringue on the top and bottom of the cake. The cream filling is between the 2 cake surfaces, so the cream is absorbed into both cake layers and the meringue stays crisp. So, the bottom layer should be placed meringue side down, then the cream and finally the top layer should be placed with the meringue side up. My recipe comes from a woman from Kvæfjord and it is our family’s favorite cake.

    1. Hello Arntsen, thank you! You bring up a good point. Some people do make the cake that way. The recipe as I’ve provided is made according to the recipe given to me by the ambassador, and layering technique confirmed by the book “Kvæfjordkake: Norges Nasjonalkake.” As with any good recipe, variations abound!

    2. Exactly. I have seen that in the south of Norway as well and it is how I make it, I am from the east of Norway.It is a clever solution. Make the cake soft and keeps the meringue crisp. Who wants soggy meringue?

  2. Thank you for the recipe I look forward to making the cake. I will be making it glutenfree. When we were in Norway several years ago, my oldest daughter loved the cream cakes. I live in Canada and we don’t have anything like the Norwegian cakes.

  3. so i cannot see this recipe unless i subscribe to something else??? for money??? no thank you…

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