Our Amazing Norway Lingonberry Article

As you probably know from reading Outside Oslo, I enjoy taking items frequently found in Norwegian and Scandinavian kitchens and coming up with new and original ways to use them. I had the opportunity recently to write an article about lingonberries for Our Amazing Norway, a magazine for expats in Norway. The story is complete with four original lingonberry recipes:

Cardamom-Scented Cauliflower Soup with Lingonberry and Dill

Black Tea Crème Brûlée with Lingonberry Preserves

Spiced Lingonberry Sauce for Ice Cream

Cucumber, Dill, and Lingonberry Smørrebrød

Check out Our Amazing Norway’s website to find out how get a copy. I have an article about another commonly-found item coming up in their next issue; I’ll be sure to tell you when it’s published. In the meantime, follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Our Amazing Norway Cover and Lingonberry Article

Images provided by and used with permission from Our Amazing Norway.

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